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Artists who submit their photographic artworks for sale with YourDailyPhotograph.com understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) All submitted artworks are the sole property of the artist, including any and all related rights. All submissions are made by the artist.

2) Only the actual creators of works are allowed to upload into our system. No agents, representatives, galleries, dealers, friends, or others can submit works of an artist.

3) It's agreed that any submitted artworks will not be offered for less than the retail price listed -- online, direct sales from the artist, or anywhere else for 120 days minimum.

4) The Artist agrees not to upload any image more than once into our system.

5) The Artist agrees to create only one account on our system, and to make the account in their proper legal name (in the name we would pay you).

6) You are only asked for a physical print if a sale is made. If you are notified of a sale, you agree to have an archival print made to the exact specifications listed at the time of submission. The print must be signed and numbered (if applicable), with an appropriate archival pencil or pen in the location listed in the submission. We expect you to inspect and approve of the physical print in person. All prints are expected to be of the highest quality and to arrive in perfect condition.

7) The artist is responsible for packaging and shipping (or delivering) their print within two weeks of notification. It is expected the print will be received undamaged. Photographs are incredibly fragile! We highly recommend careful packing and shipping via FedEx or UPS. The postal service damages many packages. All prints should be placed in a clear plastic bag, and shipped flat between many layers of larger stiff cardboard. Photographs are incredibly fragile! It cannot be bendable. If a print arrives damaged, it is the responsibility of the artist to supply a new print immediately. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist. Please ship all prints to: YourDailyPhotograph.com
c/o Duncan Miller Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave #A7
Santa Monica CA 90404

8) The artist will be paid gallery-standard 50% of the retail price for all sales. Payment will be made within 60-120 days from the date your print is received by the gallery. Be sure to send us an invoice with your correct address details for prompt check payment. Please be sure to email an invoice with the correct payment address to admin@yourdailyphotograph.com after we have received your print. We pay by check in the U.S., and via PayPal outside the U.S. If it applies, make sure your correct email address to receive money is on your invoice.

9) The gallery typically offers all collectors a 5-day return policy. Should a sale be reversed, the print will be returned to the Artist.

By submitting to YourDailyPhotograph.com, you accept and agree to its terms and conditions. Please note this document was last edited June 21, 2018, and will be updated and amended periodically.

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