"Selling through YourDailyPhotograph.com gave me a level of exposure I could never have achieved on my own. In 24 hours my work was put in front of thousands of international collectors, and I sold two prints!"
Dylan Strickland

"Duncan Miller Gallery has world-class clientele and also seems to be keeping their finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist through Yourdailyphotograph.com. This is a brilliant evolution of the gallery business. Often with web-based contests and listings you send out your work and never hear a response. This was a great experience to have my work selected by a reputable gallery and to see immediate benefits (I sold a tin type!)."
Lindsey Ross

"I have had two photos on YourDailyPhotograph and both have sold, and payment was immediate! Not only were my photos seen by thousands of collectors, one was even purchased by a celebrity."
Jamie Johnson

“I was very pleased with the response to my recent offering on Your Daily Photograph. There were several interested parties and two of them purchased my print. I was promptly paid, which is a very good thing. They were a pleasure to work with.”
Ellen Jantzen

"Working with Your Daily Photograph was a pleasure and payment was prompt. But the best thing was when I found how much joy the person who purchased my photograph received from it. That is what made the experience priceless."
Rico Mandel

"Last week you sold an image of a train shot I took over 30 years ago as a film/photography student in Chicago. That series of shots has hung in my office all this time. From the moment I posted the image to your site, until the moment you handed me a check, was all of 36 hours. Unbelievable and inspiring and moving me to retouch selects from my worldwide images. I applaud Daniel and Your Daily Photograph for reaching out to photographers like myself, whose pictures can find a larger audience than their own office walls."
Robert Lawrence

"I am happy to report that my collaboration with YourDailyPhotograph.com was a success story. Partnering with an established gallery allowed me access to new collectors and resulted in a quick sale with a reliable transaction. It’s exciting to be part of new endeavors like this and I would be eager to do it again."
Clay Lipsky

"YourDailyPhotograph.com has been a great experience for me. The upload process is easy to navigate and receiving payment was hassle-free. It’s a great way to get your photography in front of art collectors. Plus, for an emerging photographer, having the Duncan Miller Gallery support my art, helps vet me as an artist."
Sean DuFrene

"Having my print on YourDailyPhotograph.com was a wonderful experience. That level of exposure is not easy to come by and I was instantly grateful when I found out four prints sold. I received immediate payment when I delivered the prints. I find great joy in sharing my view of the world and I highly recommend this experience!"
Paul Gronner

"Bought a great vintage photo on Your Daily Photograph that happily hangs on my wall.  Then sold one of my photos on YDP that (hopefully) is hanging happily on someone else's wall now.  As both buyer and seller, experience has been stellar.  It's a constantly inspiring array of photos that daily stir my creativity as a viewer/buyer/creator -- and an incredibly cool and hassle-free way to access an audience as a photographer.  Don't have enough hands to give Your Daily Photograph enough "thumbs up!"
Andrew Golder

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